Ian Koren and Goldensound Studios at Citrawarna 2017

Now in it’s 18th year, the Citrawarna@Kuala Lumpur 2017 is an initiative of the Tourism and Culture Ministry to promote tourism, culture and art.”

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The music for Citrawarna 2017 was produced by Ian Koren at Goldensound Studios under the leadership of Aylwin Santiago as Musical Director. All of the dialogue and music was pre-recorded at the studio. In the end Citrawarna 2017 was a huge success despite the production team only having 4 weeks to produce the event.

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Ian Koren‘s music production work for team Ning Baizura and Harris Baba on Astro Ria’s Duo Star.

Recently, Ian Koren was involved as a producer for Ning Baizura and Harris Baba as they competed on the TV show Duo Star on Astro Ria. Ian produced electronic music that was layered on top of the live band, such as electronic drums, synthesizers etc). Ning and Harris performance of the song “Si Jantung Hati” starts at 37 minutes into the program. Listen to Ian’s work in this video and see if you can hear all the electronic elements in their performance.