Audio Design

Voice Over

Our most common voice overs are done for broadcast spots that have been created and written by your team. Professional voice talent or company-specific spokespersons visit our vocal booth to read lines. Our audio department uses high quality microphones and recording equipment to capture clean sound and natural recordings.

Sound FX

We scan through thousands of sound effects for the perfect audio touch to your commercials. Our chief audio engineer Ian Koren has an extensive sound effects library given to him by Oscar winning sound designer Jeff Largent, who was Korens professor at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Post-Production Services

Music Mixing

We have access to a huge library of music to accompany all advertisements. Music choice is crucial to the effectiveness of the end product.

Post-Production Projects

Our team has professional experience working with top advertising agencies and voice over talents for spots that have been broadcasted on radio, TV, online and also in the cinemas. Request for a quotation now!